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Low pressure filter housing

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  • Low pressure filter housing

    New member here - I hope this site is still active. I finally was able to remove the low pressure filter housing - the 24 mm nut attached to the cap was bent, but I was able to hammer it out by putting a large socket into the cap and give it a couple of wacks -- it worked. Anyway, there was a lot of oil and water/foam that was trapped. The problem I'm having is getting the filter cap back on. No matter how hard I push, I cannot get the o-ring to slip into the housing to get the threads to screw on. I even froze the cap for a spell. I ruined two o-rings trying. I heard there is a better aftermarket unit much beefier than the Honda unit. Anyone know where it's available for purchase??
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    A cool YouTube showing the housing doesn't view anymore. But from another thread on cngchat:

    Not sure about the regulator but you can contact him at he replied to my emails pretty quick.
    He's supposed to ship the housing by Saturday and in his last email he said he has revised the housing. Now it has a 24mm hex bolt, same as the Honda. A small change to the O-ring area to prevent it from coming off when you reinstall it. And a different pitch area at the bottom for easy draining. I was thinking of making a video when I install it.