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2012 and up LP filter housing torque spec?

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  • 2012 and up LP filter housing torque spec?

    I can't find any specifications for the proper torque to be used on the low pressure cng filter housing. On some older posts on here I've seen 20 ft lbs and 17 ft lbs. Not sure where they got the information though. What is the official spec from honda?
    Anyways, the dealer did my filters last year and apparently applied 1,368 ft lbs of torque when they reinstalled it.

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    The Honda Service Manual calls for the following:
    Using a short, 3/8-inch drive, inch-pound torque wrench without an extension, torque the fuel filter housing to 23 Nm (204 in-lb). A good tool choice is the Snap-on QD2R200 or MATCO TRB250.

    It should be noted that the O-ring is designed to seal on the ID face of the upper housing, so no torque is required to provide a leak-proof seal. The torque is just to keep the lower housing from unscrewing and falling off, which is why it's so light on the torque spec. I always apply a good amount of the Shinetsu Silicone grease (Honda P/N 08798-9013) to the lower housing threads and O-ring before installation to help aid removal at the next filter change.

    I recently discovered that Honda developed a special socket for removing the lower filter housing and I HIGHLY recommend using it. It slips over the housing so that the socket can't cock on the hex nut. It prevents the bent housing issue that happens so easily during removal. See the attached diagram from the manual for Honda P/N 07AAA-S1GA100.