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  • OEM filter wrench

    OK, so I apologize out of the gate for this--my googlefu is completely off its game today.

    I know that in the past I had casually found the wrench part of the filter housings for my 9th gen Civic NG. But now, with the low pressure needing changed soon, I can't seem to find it anywhere.
    I distinctly recall conversations where their genuine Honda oil filter wrenches didn't do the trick. Last time my mechanic tried to get the thing off he dented the housing, so I want to mitigate that by supplying him the right OEM tool. The housings are a hard to find $600 part after all.

    I've found reference on the Chat to 07HAA-PJ0100 which is listed everywhere as an oil filter wrench.

    Is this actually formed to fit the Civic NG's filter housings? (Also, looks like that number may be a typo and 07HAA-PJ70101 may be the real reference number).

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    The 2001-2005 low pressure filter ia a disposable filter and housing , same size as an oil filter, super easy....... 2006 and later low pressure filter has the dreaded, expensive, easy to damage reuseable filter housing. No special tool that I know of for this task. Oil filter wrench is NOT for this filter housing. I always had the dealer do the low pressure filter on my '08.


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      I have been told by South Point Honda in Tulsa that the CNG tech uses a Honda OEM tool on the LP filter housing. I'll try to get more info or a part number next time I talk to them.


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        I got the part number from the dealership. Here's what I found with a web search
        Saw it for $80-85 online.
        I'm passing on this though, I bent my housing last weekend so I decided to order a re-engineered one from CNG consulting of California. Its cheaper than a Honda one and it won't bend.....hopefully.

        Fuel Filter B Element Removal and Installation
        Special Tool Required

        Wrench, Fuel Filter B Element 07AAA-S1GA100


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          CNG Consulting of California? I've been wondering if they were still in business or not. I wonder if they still rebuild & repair the high pressure fuel regulators for the Civic GX.


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            Not sure about the regulator but you can contact him at he replied to my emails pretty quick.
            He's supposed to ship the housing by Saturday and in his last email he said he has revised the housing. Now it has a 24mm hex bolt, same as the Honda. A small change to the O-ring area to prevent it from coming off when you reinstall it. And a different pitch area at the bottom for easy draining. I was thinking of making a video when I install it.