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  • OEM filter wrench

    OK, so I apologize out of the gate for this--my googlefu is completely off its game today.

    I know that in the past I had casually found the wrench part of the filter housings for my 9th gen Civic NG. But now, with the low pressure needing changed soon, I can't seem to find it anywhere.
    I distinctly recall conversations where their genuine Honda oil filter wrenches didn't do the trick. Last time my mechanic tried to get the thing off he dented the housing, so I want to mitigate that by supplying him the right OEM tool. The housings are a hard to find $600 part after all.

    I've found reference on the Chat to 07HAA-PJ0100 which is listed everywhere as an oil filter wrench.

    Is this actually formed to fit the Civic NG's filter housings? (Also, looks like that number may be a typo and 07HAA-PJ70101 may be the real reference number).

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    Other links here on cngchat:


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      The 2001-2005 low pressure filter ia a disposable filter and housing , same size as an oil filter, super easy....... 2006 and later low pressure filter has the dreaded, expensive, easy to damage reuseable filter housing. No special tool that I know of for this task. Oil filter wrench is NOT for this filter housing. I always had the dealer do the low pressure filter on my '08.