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2012 GX - rough idle when warm

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  • 2012 GX - rough idle when warm

    have about 60k on my civic which has had an idle issue which has gotten worse more recently. i have had the car for 3 years since 10k miles. i would describe the idle as one that you can feel more than seeing actual fluctuating/surging idle in terms of RPM variation. the idle tends to get smoother at times when i screw around w/ the AC and heater but doesnt entirely go back to normal. with temperature decreasing lately, the idle has gotten worse but never to the point that you see fluctations in RPM more than 50-100rpm. the fluctuations tend to be inconsistent and doesnt follow a normal pattern.
    also wouldnt consider its behavior as one you would see if the car had a vacuum leak.
    i am not getting a code at all and have kept up with maintanance(i.e low and high fuel filters were replaced routinely). this issue only affects idle. when you place in park the idle goes back to normal.
    i was considering running some seafoam through a vacuum line to clean up the carbon build-up in manifold and valves and maybe clean out the idle control valve.
    im fairly new to these cars but have some mechanical car knowledge. anyone experience this and can recommend things to troubleshoot? i have for the most part ignored the idle as it hasnt gotten to the point that the car would stall but i would like to to fix it at some point.
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    seafoam will not help anything as natural gas wont have any carbon build up in the manifold i just pulled a engine out of a 06 GX with 240K on it and it had no carbon the throttle body was pretty dirty but for 240K it wasnt terrible .. i currently also own 2 2012's 1 has about 100K on it the other 140K they both shake alot at idle and quite honestly probably need a valve adjustment i will post back here when i have a chance to do it as to if it helped .


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      My 2008 GX developed rough idle around 80,000 miles. Bought a new set of plugs and installed. (You must get the GX original approved ones, no substitutes).
      Rough idle went away, and it seemed to have better highway performance.
      ?Also, per the owner manual, I previously had the valves adjusted at the Honda dealership.
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        actually in the 2008 the better plugs for those that get the "stumble" are the autolite plugs there is a thread here about it .. my 2012 with the higher mileage i just changed the plugs and the fuel filters and it still ran rough