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Mileage plummets in Honda Civic NGX

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  • Mileage plummets in Honda Civic NGX

    Does anyone have ideas about this? I've bought a 2011 NGX brand new and have driven it about 58,000 miles. Over the last year, mileage has dropped from 200-220 miles per tank down to like 160. Every time. I took it to a dealer, had the tank inspected (it was time for that) but they did not see any leaks or other problems (not sure how hard they looked). The tank fills up like it always has (full less one dot) and the gauge on the fuel dispenser reads at least 3,600 PSI. This car has idled rough w/ the AC on for years (kinds stutters) but the dealer said that is normal.

    In my situation it was hard enough living with a range of 220 miles but now I am down to 160. Any help? Thanking you in advance.


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    First off, it is with disbelief to see vast tracts of homes destroyed by the October firestorm in Santa Rosa near where you live. If you are fueling at PG&E, it would seem to rule out problems with the fuel. I would bet with a different driving profile - climbing grades, high performance acceleration, constant use of A/C - mileage could show the swing you mention. So, if the tires are pumped up properly and a lot of excess weight is not being hauled around, I suggest having a valve adj/timing tuneup which is customary every 30K mile intervals on the GXs.

    Again, the firestorm seemed so unexpected. Why was a pumper truck left idle in the lot to protect Sutter Medical center when the Journeys End mobile home parked burned to the ground next door . . the lack of response and mutual aid units arriving several days later remind me of Pearl Harbor. Not to disparage the fine fire crews that worked 96 hour shifts, but a fireman told me after the 1991 Berkeley Oakland fire that destroyed 2900 homes that his station maybe had a fire truck come back with a scorched fender.


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      Thanks for the advice 300mileclub. I'll check the service records and see if that was eve done. We take it in for whatever service is needed when the dashboard reminder says so, but I don't recall ever having valves and timing checked. And thanks for your concern about the fires around here. Now it's time to rebuild/recover.


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        How many GGE per miles driven ? that will tell a lot. Has the mileage actually dropped ?I doubt anything is wrong with the engine. Most everyone has experienced the idle stumble with the ac on. It's either an inaccurate pressure transducer on the car or the pressure at the station has dropped. Too bad honda never included an actual mechanical gauge on the high pressure side. It would solve a lot of these mysteries. It would be a good idea to pull the spark plugs inspect and reinstall , to prevent the plugs getting stuck in the head from corrosion. Should be done every 30k / 2 years or so, even if running ok.
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          My guess is that there is compressor oil pooled in the car's tank, reducing its available capacity. Have you always been filling at PG&E or have there been some really old and not-well-maintained station fill-ups in this car's history? As Lakewood suggests, you should check the fuel economy miles per GGE to see if it is in the high 20's MPGGE.

          Note that to do this you will need to average a few fills, as each fill will be slightly different depending on the station pressure.