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civic fuel light came on after fill up on hot day.

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    Was it a check engine light, or a fuel light?
    What OBD codes are being thrown on the car?
    Its always a good idea to have a cheap OBD scan tool in the garage for times like this so you have some OBD code information before taking it to the shop.


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      there was no check engine light on for the car when i had it towed. just the low fuel light coming on and car dying after fill up. I do have a obd2 reader but it had no codes at time of tow.


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        So what about the no start after a fill up ? Have you spoken to Honda customer service with the current problems ? 2 hours of labor and a valve cover gasket sounds about typical dealer charge for a valve adjustment , but what does that have to do with the no start condition ? At this point I would be looking to have the Honda dealer that sold you the used car buy it back..


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          So my civic since my last post has been in the shop 4 more times since my last post. It was showing codes for cylinder misfires and missing when the ac was on. spent 400 bucks on 4 new coils. fixed the missing and stutter at lights.

          It was also in the shop for blinking fuel light again. they fixed a fuel door cable for the second time. dealership keeps saying sorry for my bad luck with this car.

          The third time it was in the shop for bad wheel bearing and when they took the pads off they noticed the pads put on where the wrong ones for my car.

          The last time was for shutoff after fueling which still hasn't been fixed. I filled 4.8 gallons on a 84 degree day and the car shut off 40 feet away from the pump. had to have it towed to dealership 45 minutes after picking it up from service

          They finally gave me a brand new accord to use until they fix my car for good.


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            I was told by a 2012 GX owner in CA that his stalling after fueling problem was a result of a low pressure filter being filled with oil. San Leandro Honda did the servicing.

            Car is usually fueled at JB Dewar in San Luis Obispo - a CLEAN ENERGY legacy station. The station has fueled the transit buses serving the downtown and Cal Poly for two decades. JB DeWar had been a crucial public CNG station for travel north and south across California on Highway 101 until CNG stations were built on Interstate 5 to serve big rigs as of a few years ago.