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While refueling only 1 gas station fits my car, refueling stops with leakage warning

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  • While refueling only 1 gas station fits my car, refueling stops with leakage warning

    Hi, I have a 2016 Honda Civic NGV, while refueling, one gas station fits my car and fuels properly, all others refueling the refueling stops within 1 gallon with leakage warning. Has anyone phased this issue and how did you solve it. I took it to the dealership and they said there is nothing wrong with my gas cap. Has anyone faced this issue and how did you solve it?

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    A 2016 Civic NGV ? Is it a 2006 maybe ? I'm assuming a 2006.Some station fuel nozzles are less tolerant of worn /damaged fuel receptacle on the vehicle. How many miles on the car ? High mile vehicles have a lot of fill cycles and can get damaged over time and use.
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      Yes, it is common for older natural gas vehicles to experience wear on the fill receptacle, especially if the dispenser connection is a "sleeve" type as opposed to the type which has the 180 degree handle turn, or the new ones which look like typical gasoline dispenser pistol-grip. When this wear happens the receptacle "tulips" outward to a larger diameter and makes for a difficult fit with non-sleeve dispenser hose connectors.

      The remedy is to replace the fill connector - its a quick screw off-on procedure and the part is $____? (probably under $200)


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        ok this gave me a idea how about we put a counter in the fill connector and it will close permanently on the 21900th cycle instead of 20 year tank life this way cars that are used for 3 shifts 7 days a week would die at about the same time as they do now but someone like my mom would use a tank a week the tank would last 421 years! my math 3 fills a day 365 days a year=1095 fills a year x 20 year life of tank= 21900 fills now for mom 1 fill a week x 52 weeks a year 21900 divided by 52 = 421 years. I don't think most people will be worried about their tank life in 421 years. now the tank mfg will not like this. but on the other hand myself I don't think many people retank old cars as most cars are done before 20 years
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