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Low pressure filter bent after taking canister off - 2 year update (sad)

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    Re: Low pressure filter bent after taking canister off - 2 year update (sad)

    Originally posted by bmwzimmer View Post
    That sucks for jsorger. I used his DIY video to change my own fuel filter. My fuel filter came off with no struggle whatsoever.... I fortunately did have access to the correct tools to get it off easier. Applying side load while twisting and not having correct tools will increase your chances of damaging the canister...
    Used the correct tools - just bad luck (and bad design) given others' experiences throughout the web.
    I guess it is true that honda doesn't give a #$@ about the car or us anymore, given their announcement to stop manufacturing...


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      Re: Low pressure filter bent after taking canister off - 2 year update (sad)

      I am not familiar with the term "regulator mechanism" but if it is merely the entire pressure regulator body (built by Keihin) moving a bit and there are no leaks, simply don't replace it. A clever mechanic can possibly find a way to secure it if the regulator mounting is loose. I would also guess that your CNG filter (30 k miles on it) is relatively clean with low pressure drop. A really dirty filter will cause low flow at high rpm / wide-open-throttle (WOT). It doesn't look like you have that problem (otherwise you'd get lean fuel codes / check engine light and driveability problems at WOT or sudden pedal changes).

      Good luck.


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        Re: Low pressure filter bent after taking canister off - 2 year update (sad)

        if your filter housing is dented you might try a one of my dads old tricks for motorcycle tanks we would fill them with water and than put it in the freezer as the water froze it would push the dent out. just a thought


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          I didn't have a problem removing the canister, just putting it back on. I had to freeze it twice and grease it up a couple times before it would go on. I discovered that the o-ring needs plenty of grease as well as the canister threads. Also, it's easy to cross thread the canister when trying to put it on with a ratchet and extension. I finally got it to tighten all the way down by turning it by hand until it seated.
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            also had no issue removing it but had one helluva a time getting it back in. tried freezing the cannister and threads just wouldnt grab. i eventually was able to get the cannister in and hand tightened by repositioning myself under the car.
            previous failed attempts i was positioned to where i was pushing the cannister while tightening...i absolutely failed at that and kept swearing back and forth ...rotating myself 180(head under the passenger wheel well w/ feet towards the driver front wheel well) to where i was pulling the cannister in place and torquing got the job done w/out even freezing the cannister.