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2006 Silverado rough idle

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  • 2006 Silverado rough idle

    My 2006 Silverado started running rough on cng, check engine light came on. The light went out when running on gasoline. Fill back up with cng ran rough again, definitely knocks when running, now barely will idle. Shows a 332 code for a knock sensor. Does anyone have an idea of where to start with this issue?

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    I have a 2004 that I bought that way ran really rough, turned out to be a bad CNG injector. You can pull all the injectors and send them out to be tested. Not sure what code it threw because I took it to the shop and they fixed it.


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      Thank you for your response.
      I also have a 2003 Cavalier that I did a cylinder balance test on to find a bad injector. I wonder if the same can be done on the Silverado?