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00 Cavalier AF ECM Pinout and part needed

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  • 00 Cavalier AF ECM Pinout and part needed

    Hi new to the forum ! I’ve gained a lot of info creeping and this is my first post lol 00 cavalier bought with supposedly bad transmission. Changed filter and it’s fine. Onto the CNG! Drove to local station and filled up . Went home and noticed my gauge had never read full. Long story short the Cooling Fan Maxi Fuse had been remove . I now figured the CNG System was suspect . Replaced fuse and turned key on : Fuel gauge reads full! Yay! I’m like it’s good ! Starts up and runs ok .. I push the fuel gauge indicator and it reads back to about 1/4 tank and which was what pump gas was in the tank. Gauge went back to full. I shit the car off . It has never ran on the CNG since! All fuses etc are good . The light for the fuel indicator is on indicating that it is running on gasoline. No thump from the CNG tank when turning the ignition over.

    Removed Headlamp to inspect AF ECU. Bingo! The connector for the “Blue” plug in on Ecu was oxidized but one pin was totally crusted and the male pin from the ECU was corroded Off In the female pigtail. Boo! So I can prob repair the pigtail . It appears that I will be trying to source an ECU as well. Anyone know th pinout for the plug so I can figure out where this wire goes ? Any leads on an ECU would be appreciated!