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Removing CNG system from Silverado

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  • Removing CNG system from Silverado

    Been lurking here for a little while, though this is my first post. I recently purchased a 2006 Silverado with quantum kit. The CNG has been INOP since day one, the quantum computer is bad per the previous owner. After some long consideration, I think I would be better served by removing the system than to spend the bucks on a replacement computer. So I started this morning by pulling the tank out, pretty straight forward there. Now the bigger question is, can I completely get rid of the electronics side of this? Plan B is to just pull the tank to get the space back in the bed, as long as I can make the CEL go away. I think I can fool it into thinking the connectors are on the tank if needed. Any advice here?

    Edit, I did try pulling the AFS fuse. This only gave me more codes.

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    Curious if you were ever able to remove the CNG system without causing a check engine light? I might have to do the same to mine some day as parts are hard to come by. Would you be interested in selling the CNG injectors or regulators? I could provide you with "bad" CNG injectors to fill the holes in the intake manifold when removing the others, although if you are pulling the whole system you might just want to buy a regular gasoline intake manifold then you can get rid of all the CNG injectors and fuel rails entirely.


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      Did you ever dispose of the regulator? I could be a buyer. Bob 773-960-5642


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        I am really looking to remove the tank from my 2003 Silverado, but I took it out over the weekend and it threw code P1433, P0183, P005 and ran really low rpm and rough.

        Has anyone figured out how to get these codes to go off? I thought possibly getting the valve with the electronics removed and just plug everything back into it.

        I need to put a flatbed on its tank is expired also.