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CDP Technologies Offers Aftermarket Cylinder Head Package for GM 6.0L Engines

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  • CDP Technologies Offers Aftermarket Cylinder Head Package for GM 6.0L Engines

    Hey gang,

    As you may know, it has been a decade or more since GM had a way for CNG fuel converters to order its LC8 hardened 6.0 liter engine. Only upfitters hand-picked by GM (such as GFI, Impco, Quantum, and most recently Power Solutions) could get their hands on GM's hardened engine for gaseous fuel systems CNG and LPG. Ford, on the other hand, makes its hardened engines available to any dealer, and has an open-door policy for upfitters to meet its Qualified Vehicle Modifier program: providing full warranty to the consumer for the conversions.

    The good news is that CNG upfitters will soon have an option on GM's 6.0 liter platform with CDP's upcoming hardened cylinder head package. While it won't be covered under GM warranty (non-GM-handpicked-upfit conversions aren't covered anyway), at least now the fuel converter and consumer can have some confidence that with this head the conversion will be operating under as robust or better environment vis-a-vis the LC8.


    * * *
    CDP Technologies, the OEM sales division of Crazy Diamond Performance, will offer a new aftermarket gaseous fuels-prepped cylinder head package for GM 6.0L engines. The new CDP cylinder head will be available for GM engines that have been, or are slated to be, converted to a gaseous alternative fuel engine.

    CDP will be releasing its new cylinder head for aftermarket use in the third quarter of 2017.
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