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2004 Chevy Cavalier leaking unleaded

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  • 2004 Chevy Cavalier leaking unleaded

    My 2004 Cavalier is leaking gas and I need to know what the part is called it's leaking from and then maybe I can replace it. (Don't worry I probably have about the same faith in myself as you do having read the first sentence.) I circled the part that seems to be leaking. I think I've had it replaced before. My car had a hard time starting and then threw the p0172 code at me. I think these two things are related. I know this isn't CNG related but hoping that maybe someone can help me out a bit notwithstanding. Thanks you guys!

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    Nevermind, I really thought it would be hard to find out what this part was, but I found it. The fuel pressure regulator. It doesn't look too hard to replace. I don't have to do anything with the fuel rail right?


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      Just a normal gasoline fuel pressure regulator--- Just change it and be done with it. It has nothing to do with the CNG system


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        Thanks Siai47 I can always count on you for a quick response!