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1997 ford contour compuvalve and parts for sale.

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  • 1997 ford contour compuvalve and parts for sale.

    I have a 1997 contour that I'd like to sell the parts from if I can continue to use the vechicle as a gas-mobile. Here is the story and I welcome advice on how to proceed.

    last Nov (2007) my car started to smell of CNG, I took it to the ford dealership in Layton Utah, and they told me the compuvalve was leaking. They said it would be 2250.00 to fix it up. I asked if everything else look aright and if it would be worth it to fix and they said the car was sound. So I agreed and they said they would have the part in a couple of weeks. Flash forward 1 month, they called me to tell me they've "fixed" my car, when I went to pick it up it still smelled of natural gas, only not as bad. So I left the car with them to sort it out. After a couple of days there reply was that a hose assembly was the problem, and they were having a hard time locating one. So they advised me to drive it on gas until the part arrived and they would install it at no extra charge. After a month they still had not recieved the hose assembly, and thats when the Transmission decided to give out. So I asked what a new or used transmission would cost and they quoted 2000 for a used one with a 12 month 15000 mile warranty or 3000 for a new one with a 75000 mile warranty. I had them look over the car to see if it would last long enough to get a pay back from the cost of fuel. They said the car was in reall good shape, Just bad timing. So I decided to fix the transmission (Yes, I've learned my lesson). So By Late Janurary of 2008 they had fixed the trany and the CNG and all was well. 2 weeks ago it started to smell of CNG again. I took it to the ford dealer and this time they said its the regulator that is bad, and would cost 850.00 to fix. Currently the car has 104k, what do I do??? If anyone is interested in the CNG parts I would sell this (less than a year old) Compuvalve, or any other parts if I can still operate the vechile on gas (trying to get my money out of the trany) or should I repair the regulator and sell the car as a working CNG vehicle. (I have already taken the tax credit). I'm just tired of this game, are other CNG cars worth it or should I just buy a normal car for my next one?

    Anyone want to buy a compuvalve, Tank, or Filler valve for a 1997 contour?

    Jim (

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    Re: 1997 ford contour compuvalve and parts for sale.

    what do you want for the compuvalve? do you know if it is the same as a 1998?


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      Re: 1997 ford contour compuvalve and parts for sale.

      Do You still have the compuvalve for sale still by chance i know its 3 years later but i figured i would give it a shot