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2011 Ford F-550 6.8 v10 CNG to Gas

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  • 2011 Ford F-550 6.8 v10 CNG to Gas

    I purchased a 2011 Ford F-550 6.8 v10 shuttle bus with 23,xxx miles. It was built a gas vehicle then converted by BAF out of Texas to stricktly run on CNG. I want to convert back to gas and I figured I would need to get
    -New fuel rail
    -new injectors
    -New fuel tank
    - fuel lines
    possibly reprogram ECM

    am I missing anything else? It's hard to find buses with this low of miles and originally i wasn't going to convert but due to how far a station where we operate vehicle it's a pain in the rear, if it wasn't on business vehicle I would leave it but I can't with possibly 32 people on it.

    if someone is close to St. Louis Missouri I am possibly selling equipment or work out labor deal if you know what your doing.


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    Fuel pump and a whole lot of labor


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      Call Jim at Alternative Fuel Systems of St Louis, he might be able to do the conversion back to gasoline for you.


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        my thoughts would be get a compressor and burn cheap fuel here at the shop it works out to 79 cents a gallon. I can put you in a davey or ir used or new feel free to call or email me at or phone 423-871-1106 email is best . whatever you do dont buy a little compressor as it will run all the time and wear out. info is free


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          CNG tanks should still be within service limits. If you have natural gas available, (as cowboy says) see if you can find a low cost compressor and fill it overnight. You are opening a can of worms to convert it back and you may have regulatory issues to deal with if you are in a state (hopefully not) that requires vehicle emission inspections. Better off to try to sell it to someone who is near a fuel station that can use it as it is configured.