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2000 Crown Victoria CNG leak

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  • 2000 Crown Victoria CNG leak

    This weekend after I filled my Crown Vic, I noticed a distinct gas smell outside the car. I put my finger over the fill valve and it was not leaking. I drove home and still noticed the smell as well as the sound of gas leaking from under the car. It eventually stopped since the key was off and the tank solenoids seemingly were closed. I cycled the key a few times and there was no leak. Today when I used the car, the leak was back. What I wonder is what can cause an intermittent leak. All I can think of is that the pressure regulator is the source and possibly venting or sticking. I'm not familiar with the regulator to know f this is possible. This weekend I can crawl under there and locate the problem but the intermittent nature of it confuses me. Any ideas?

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    Today I got the car up on jack stands and found that the leak was behind the metal shield in front of the lower tanks. That was easier to remove than I expected and found the leak at a T fitting screwed into the lower tank solenoid valve, The fitting has two sensors on it--I assume fuel temp and pressure. After I got it off I realized that it is secured with a jamb nut which I probably just could have tightened. I replaced the O ring and got everything back together. While I was at it, I replaced the coalescent filter and ran a couple of loads of injector cleaner through it. Altogether it was about a 2 hour job but it sure runs nice and smooth now. I hate working under a car on jack stands.


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      Thanks for the informative posts.
      So Ford put in O-ring face seal type fittings on the car? I prefer those to compression fittings which require a little finesse and experience to torque just right.


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        Yes it looks like all the high pressure and low pressure fittings are O ring type.