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Spooky CNG fillup. CNG leaking from filler nozzle

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    Here's pics of the CNG fill up nozzle underneath vehicle and above. I have not done any repairs to this area since the 'spooky'' fill up October 2017. I have not filled it since then and it's only driven about 4 miles since I parked it after the radiator blew a hole in it.
    The rubber cap on the nozzle seems to say "Staubli". Is that a brand of the valve? Maybe it's this 'receptacle' here?:
    On the underneath picture - what's the gold colored protrusion? A relief valve? A anti leak valve?
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        I just sold the van last night. Very happy with the price. Happy buyer.
        Unlike last time around (for me) I fully and completely informed buyer about tanks being expired and what that really means.
        I drove to CNG station with him last night and showed him how to fill it
        It filled up normally, perfectly, not like the very last time I filled it up October 2017 and posted about it here - and the escaping CNG after I disconnected the nozzle.