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Using E85 on F150 BiFuel

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  • Using E85 on F150 BiFuel

    Have not found any entry on this subject and was wondering if the engine of the BiFuel F150 can operate on E-85 fuel instead of gasoline?
    What I have read is that Flex-Fuel engine can be converted to CNG, so I'd figure that an engine which can run on CNG could also use E85.

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    I drive a bi-fuel F150. E85 can be burned BUT... I don't use enough gasoline to speak of and fear the separation of the water in the E85 and its effect on the engine. I run non-oxy and only buy 10 gallons at a time. So far this year I've used about 25 gallons of gasoline. Having gasoline in the tank for 3 or 4 months would make me nervous with ethanol and its water content..
    E85 is 75,000 btu per gallon. E10 is 112,500 btu/gal and regular gas without ethanol is 114,000 btu/gal


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      I am waiting on my Compuvale to get fixed and drive on Gasoline for now - to I'll burn thru a tank rather quick (1 week or so per tank).
      I tried one tank and get a 'check engine' light with P0171, which did not come up after I filled again with regular gas the next week.
      I wonder if the ECU is not setup for E85, but the engine is. I do not feel any difference while driving though.


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        I would be more concerned about the balance of the fuel system on E85 than I would be about the engine. The problem (if the vehicle isn't designed to run on E85) is the components in the fuel system might not be up to the task. A lot of the steel tubing needs to be upgraded to protect against corrosion. Some of the rubber parts cannot withstand ethanol in high concentrations either. The other possible problem is (because of the low heat content of E-85) the fuel map might not be able to supply enough fuel to get the mixture right. Some manufacturers contend that even going to E15 isn't possible in some of their vehicles. I don't want to start a whole discussion about it, but I cannot see any valid reason to add ethanol to gasoline in any amount when it is produced from corn as it is in the US. Hey, but if you want to risk your vehicle and lower your fuel economy, you own it so you can do what you want to it !

        BTW--P0171 DTC is telling you the system is too lean. (fuel map) good way to cook the cat!
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          FYI supplemental info from GM for my 2013 Silverado and 2015 Impala factory ordered bi-fuels state clearly
          do NOT run these on E85 fuel!
          Likely for reasons already stated by SIAI47.
          '13 Chev Silverado 2500 Ext Cab Factory Bi-Fuel
          '08 Green Tea Metallic GX
          FMQ-2-36 Fueler


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            Thanks for all the info - and hope it will help others to decide not to use E85.