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Cng fuel gage.problem or not

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  • Cng fuel gage.problem or not

    I have an issue with the gel gage, if anyone can help, that be great.
    I just bought cng 2014 ford f150 with cng, when I go to fill up the tank, and I have 23.5 litter tank, when fill up full and drive for 10 minutes, the cng fuel gage ran down to 1/5 tank and I never smell any leaked, is there something wrong, can anyone help for my concern.

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    Welcome to CNGchat.
    We are going to meed more information to help you. Is it a bi-fuel or dedicated conversion? Is the fuel gauge a separate PSI display or does the system use the OEM dash gauge to provide the fuel level for CNG (typical of dedicated conversions, not of bi-fuels). Any photos might help too.


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      Try changing the filter in condensate trap back by tank ! I had exact same problem with my F250 about 1.5 years ago ! filter was plugged. Changed filter problem went away . When I cut open old filter had a tar like substance coating interior of filter !


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        The filter plugged with gook makes sense. Lack of high pressure filter maintenance at the station Peter715 has been using. Must be really bad to get through the dispenser filters. If a particular station can be identified, avoid it at all costs.


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          Welcome to CNGchat . . . . good to have you Peter715.

          As mentioned by AmFuel, it's good to know WHERE you have been refueling and retrace your steps.