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  • 2001 crown victoria

    Hey so I've had my 2001 crown victoria for almost a year now and it has always ran perfect but yesterday it just died at a stop light and won't start back up. At first it wouldn't do nothing but after it sat for about 15 minutes the starter will turn but the car won't start up all the ways. I don't know anything about cng cars so if anyone has any suggestions that would be cool.

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    Sounds like something electrical maybe in the steering column / ignition lock. I doubt it is anything in the CNG system if it would not even crank the starter. Does anything smell like burnt wiring in the car or under the hood ?


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      I think we need some more symptoms--did the starter not turn the engine over or did it crank but no start? Does it crank slow or normally? Do all the other electricals work such as headlights?


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        Is the security light flashing?


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          I have the same car, Talked to a Honda Dealer, they sold a lot of CNG GX Civic's and asked their service department if they can service my car, first to replace the coalescent fuel filter, they talked to their certified technicians and then responded that they can and quoted me about $140. So you can do the same.

          I have another problem. My car is a 3000 PSI system, a few years back I had my tanks inspected and they are good for some more time. However, the Natural Gas stations around me are upgrading their stations to 3600 PSI hoses only. They claimed that they do not want to have issues happen to 3000 PSI tank cars as they assume these tanks expired?? so I am left out to dry with my CNG car. att this time, I parked it and now using my convenient gasoline car, until I find a solution to this dilemma. It is just too expensive and time consuming. I have to make some hard choices soon. Commit the car to my car history, or spend some more money to get it to work with the changes. When I got into this CNG car experience, I was so enthused about protecting the environment, but it seems that the folk that are leading the environment protection voice, including the CNG companies, are not really supporting the effort, and we are left alone. So unless I get some creative solution that I can afford, I will have to retire this car and abandon the save the environment cause. It is a personal use car, and upgrading this car with a 3600 PSI set of tanks cost and labor can cost a lot more than the car is worth, and I simply cannot afford it. Any idea's?


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            The Phoenix area now has only 1 3000 psi pump. I had my 2000 Crown Vic updated with unexpired 3600 tanks for $1400 total. I thought that was reasonable and since the car is in almost perfect condition I thought it was worth it. Now I have about 5 choices to fill up.