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2013 f250 Westport CNG regulator pressure setpoint psi?

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  • 2013 f250 Westport CNG regulator pressure setpoint psi?

    As the title says, I need to know what the psi setpoint is for the regulator. It is running rich according to the long term fuel trims.

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    From the BAF/Westport 2013 F-250 Manual (page 13):

    Fuel Rail Pressure

    Model year 2009 and newer vehicles no longer include a fuel rail pressure sensor, instead a pressure port is included on the OEM fuel rail.
    Fuel pressure must be checked by installing a 0-200psi mechanical gauge to the port.
    Regulator output is 135-psi.
    Fuel pressure should also be checked with the vehicle under full load at Wide Open Throttle (WOT) and any variances noted.
    If pressure decreases more than 8%, regulator function will need to be tested.
    Check for a vacuum leak, fuel leak or faulty injector/s and if there are no external faults found, a replacement regulator may be needed.