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f150 exhaust?

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  • f150 exhaust?

    Anyone put an exhaust on an f150?

    This is the first V8 I ever owned...and it just looks like a hanger and clamp to get the stock one off...put new muffler in, add hangers and call it a day

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    Re: f150 exhaust?

    The stock exhaust on the 5.4 V-8 is puny looking and I have replaced it with a 3" free flowing cat back exhaust. You probably won't gain much in fuel economy because the sound is so cool when you put your foot in it. Add the AFE intake and it feels like a gain in H.P. and torque.


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      Re: f150 exhaust?

      That's dope!

      I live in long beach...would you be free for me to come by and hear it sometime?


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        Re: f150 exhaust?

        just went to a truck meet in westminster...

        the flowmaster super 10 had a pretty aggressive sound to it, and you didn't notice it at all at idle


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          Re: f150 exhaust?

          well, after a lot of reading, listening to every youtube clip I could find (which were generally can you really tell listening to a youtube clip?), it seemed that magnaflow was the muffler of choice - touted as good quality, not too loud, no drone, but still a deep growl that makes your truck sound "beasty"

          they do not have a catback system for the '01 F-150 CNG models (reg cab, 5.4L, long bed), and magnaflow only makes ONE muffler - you just match up the size of your exhaust pipe (ours is a 2.5") and layout (center vs. offset) and install that universal muffler with some custom piping

          total cost $360 was welded into place

          the verdict - CRAP

          it doesn't do anything!! At speed/on the freeway/redlining the motor - you don't hear the exhaust at all! I drove through tunnels with my windows down - NOTHING

          doesn't seem worth to me at all - if you want to spend almost $400 to install an exhaust that sounds like your factory exhaust, why install it at all?

          it really pisses me off because we have a hunky 5.4L V8 - the engine sounds like a sewing machine...exhaust tone is nonexistent...did I end up with a prius?


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            Re: f150 exhaust?

            For the good old throaty rumble, in my experience takes twin exhaust, one from each cylinder bank all the way back. I don't see how get that sound with a system using a single pipe system catalyst.


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              Re: f150 exhaust?

              Yup...the cats are also quieting down the truck 60% or so

              I paid the shop another $340 to put on the shorter 18" muffler and it just added throaty sound at all...literally no different than my friends who have V6 jeeps
              Waste of close to $700...I am tempted to just put on a cherry bomb extreme or glass pack but I can't deal with drone on my freeway commute down the 405

              The odd thing is my neighbor had a late model dodge ram with a single flomaster muffler with dual tips (not a true dual) and it sounds like a monster

              edit - browsing youtube - the true dual has that mean gurgling, throaty sound that a V8 should have...but the next best thing might be a cherry bomb extreme...
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                finally just got fed up and got the loudest muffler out there (single chamber - ex. flomaster 10, cherry bomb extreme), and had it welded parts/balor $180

                windows up, at idle or higher (4500rpm+) engine speeds, it's not really different from the magnaflow

                around the resonant frequency, you can hear some more drone under load, but it's not really that bothersome

                the best way to hear it is around town (sub 30mph) with the windows's actually a bit louder outside the truck than inside

                TLR - went with the loudest muffler & it's still not that loud, but you can hear it w' the windows down...should've done that first and saved hte $700


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                  still chasing a unicorn...

                  took it to one last shop: instead of the single chamber flowmaster super 10/cherry bomb extreme, they suggested a 2-chamber "flowmaster 40" with 3" catback piping.

                  NOW it's finally louder...but also in the cab. It has a good amount of irritating amount, actually...between 62-70mph. Basically anytime you're cruising down the freeway in traffic, it starts to give you a headache. Still not throaty.

                  good news: running on CNG is definitely quieter than gasoline...maybe 30-40% quieter. so you can run the flowmaster 40 and be okay

                  So there you have can never get it loud/throaty. It's just a Ford F-150 thing...they have like 4-5 catalytic converters that just quiet it a ton...and removing them or doing a true dual exhaust will definitely cause you problems on CNG. All you can do is amplify everything in this order, but all it does (inside the cab) is give you drone at 1,800-2,200rpm. The question is - how much drone will you tolerate? From quietest to loudest: Magnaflow 22" -> Magnaflow 18" -> Flowmaster Super 10 -> Flowmaster 40
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                    The loudness of Flowmaster is not irritating though I prefer the deep sound of magnaflow.