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How to check out my compuvalve?

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  • How to check out my compuvalve?

    I've been looking for someone to tell me whether or not my compuvalve is any good. The model number on the compuvlave is V22-100 and the serial number is PE001767. Last year I found a business that checks them out for $125 and within a week they raised their price to $250 - seems a bit excessive. Any one know of someone who could do it reaonably?

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    Re: How to check out my compuvalve?

    If the alt fuels light on the switch comes on the compuvalve is working. If it doesn't come on or it flashes it is more than likely an issue with the main board. There are no main boards available and it is an increasingly common problem that keeps coming up so there are hardly any used working ones available as well. There is the off chance that it could be something else, like the fuse for the compuvalve, a tank valve not opening, or an issue with your regulator not giving you enough fuel. All are easy to check and if it is not one of those, it is the compuvalve.


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      Re: How to check out my compuvalve?

      I appreciate the reply! Great info, but my compuvalve is not on the truck. In fact, I originally sold the compuvalve on eBay with a guarantee to work ( I was confident it was OK because I trusted the person I purchased it from). The guy I sold it to returned it for a refund because he said it didn't fit. Now I'm wondering if the guy may have just swapped the board and returned it. My bad I guess. Could that have happened? Externally it looked the same. If that's unlikely, I'm still confident it's good - just don't have a way to check it out - consequently still looking for help diagnosing the compuvalve.
      If I can't get it checked honestly I'll sell it, but I don't know what it's worth. Any suggestions?