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Ram 2500 Fuel Filter

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  • Ram 2500 Fuel Filter

    Chrysler says I should change the coalescing filter every 16,000 miles in the Ram Truck CNG owners manual supplement. My Ram 2500 CNG has 28,000 miles and seems to be switching to gasoline all the time. I removed the filter and the problem went away (engine stays running on CNG). The filter was blown out, so may be clogged. Nonetheless, I need a new filter. I called the dealer and they want over $80 for the 68194705AB (68194705AA) filter kit. Looking online, it appears to be a Parker FFC-112 filter which uses a CLS112-10K or CLS112-6K filter, which I can find for less than $40 online.

    Anyone know which Parker filter crosses to the OEM PN 68194705AB? The CLS112-10K or CLS112-6K?

    Also, I watched a youtube video of a guy changing a filter on a Ford pickup, and he ran Motorcraft PM5 injector cleaner thru the engine .... Should I do this on my Ram 5.7L CNG engine?

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    I found a "6" printed on the old filter element, so it looks like I need the CLS112-6K. I ordered qty 5 from Nisco (free shipping for orders over $150:
    $31.92 5 $159.60


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      For what it's worth, I would not use any fuel injector cleaner unless Dodge /Mopar approves the specific stuff. That Motorcraft PM5 cleaner is really strong.


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        Thanks for the advice, Lakewood. My filters showed up today, drop-shipped from Parker FNS/IGFG, Haverhill Mass.