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dodge cng vans fuel rail pressure senser

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  • dodge cng vans fuel rail pressure senser

    I have have found a mfg to build the sender ( transducer) the only catch is a min run of 30 to get the price down to 130 dollars one is a 1000 dollars. so the question is there a demand for that many? I know most of these 90s through 2000s vans used these and most of them are bad and cause a a lot of silly problems running rich or lean black pipe rough running low power piss poor fuel mileage and most of the time no check motor light. so if you need one PM me here. if there is the demand I will buy a run and resell them. after I have them in my hand in this country guess I will add about 20 bucks and shipping. I don't like to sell something I don't have in my hand. as there are none left in dodges system and this will be around the price dodge charged for them years ago I think that would be fair and a good deal for all
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