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2004 Dodge 1500

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  • 2004 Dodge 1500

    My wife and I recently converted our 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 to CNG. Overall, very happy with the conversion. However, the check engine light seems to be a permanent fixture.

    The codes are essentially telling us that the oxygen sensors reading the same levels of exhaust, like the converters are not there or are not working.

    The convertors have been changed.

    The last time in the shop it came down to the computer and the sensors are unable to "understand" the conversion. The advise was to ignore the check engine light or use black tape.

    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: 2004 Dodge 1500

    it sounds like the computer is not able to see the motor or it is not able to control the fuel is it a injected or a fog system the fog system has all the gas going in to the air intake a injected system has a injector for each cylinder. a truck this new has to have a injected system and the computer has to be able to see and read what is going on and correct the fuel mix to keep the light out you are not in compliance with our friends at the epa first you need to check if your o2 sensors are burned out as cng if not at the right ratio can burn the cats and the o2 sensors out. if it is a fog kit there is a good chance you will never keep the light out. for more help you can pm me as we are getting into things that can get you banished from the kingdom of cng chat.


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      Re: 2004 Dodge 1500

      Which hardware are you using? I have seen many setups with the so-called "5th generation" (multi-point injection, a.k.a. "positive pressure") conversion, usually from Lovato or LandiRenzo, and when correctly installed there is no CEL issues. The old-school single-point (known in my country as "aspirated", or "negative pressure") setups are always more prone to this issue and the decreasement in power is higher.