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2002 Ram Van with no Injector pulse

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  • 2002 Ram Van with no Injector pulse

    My 2002 dodge ram van 5.2L dedicated CNG van is getting no pulse to injectors. I have changed the crank sensor with no change.
    Is there a way to test the PCM / ECM? I'd sure hate to go to the great expense of replacing the PCM not knowing if that'll fix it. (if I could even find one!)
    any suggestions? dav

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    Re: 2002 Ram Van with no Injector pulse

    I would start out looking for simple first check and clean and grease all plugs check fuses with a tester as some times they look good when they aint. look for a bald wire rubbing the block or a broken one that is cheap before you start spending money


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      Re: 2002 Ram Van with no Injector pulse

      There may be a separate injector driver module in between the PCM and the injectors that is not working.
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        Re: 2002 Ram Van with no Injector pulse

        I have the same problem (no injector pulse -- so my mechanic tells me) on my Caravan 3.3 liter engine. At the time of this complete failure it gave a code 43 for the ignition coil circuit while cruising on the freeway. This was after intermittent missing and dying problems months apart with no codes and spontaneous recovery after turning the car off then back on. Coil, PCM and fuel injector driver were replaced with known good -- no change. Injector wiring also replaced as the insulation was cracked open in many areas. I'm wondering if there are there sensors or other items to check that would shut off the injectors (though it seems weird that the code was for ignition and the ignition seems fine now). Apparently the fuel injector driver is an extra part in the CNG car not used in the gasoline version.